Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sur la Pont d'Avignon

We had to try to keep the camera very still for this night-time view of the old bridge at Avignon, called Pont St. Bénézet. It was built somewhere around 1177-1185.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The National Vegetable of France

Makes the greatest soup in the world.

We saw it growing in every garden that we passed, by bicycle, in the country. (Needs a long growing season.)

We cycled by many French country gardens on the 900km route.

Beaucoup du Fromage

Il y a seulement un mot pour ceci ....deliceaux!

Chanterelles in yellow

Somehow the "packaged" button mushrooms look less appealing beside the colourful, and exotic yellow chanterelles, and the other earthy looking mushrooms to the left.

Radishes and Onions for Sale

Local colour in the grocery store at Arles, Provence, France

Frisee Lettuce

Apologies. This isn't a very clear picture. Everything at the grocey store looked mouth-watering... even these huge heads of lettuce

Wonderful Display of Fresh Fish

The availability and variety of fresh fish and seafood, was lovely to see.

But then, we were in Provence, not far from the Mediterranean Sea.

Shelves of milk... at l'épicerie

We appreciated being able to buy this unrefrigerated variety of milk from the the grocery stores, keep it in our hotel room overnight (unrefrigerated) and open it the next morning for breakfast.
Rob and I cycled most days , and ate hearty meals which we largely prepared on our own, with frequent visits to bakeries and grocery stores.

Shelves well stocked with red wine, in the grocery shelves

This was 1/50 of the selection of wine in this grocery store

Shelves of Wine in a Typical Large Grocery Store in Provençal Town

Washing from the Windowsill

Picture taken in the town of Arles. Its most famous resident was Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). The town sits on the northern tip of the Camargue alluvial plain, on the Rhone river.

The town began its ascent to prosperity and political importance in 49 BC when the victorious Julius Caesar ( to whom the town had given its support) captured and plundered Marseille, which had backed Caesar's rival Pompey the Great.

Arles soon replaced Marseille as the region's major port and became the sort of Roman provincial centre that, within a century and a half, needed a 12,000 seat theatre and a 20,000 seat amphitheatre to entertain its citizens. These days the two structures are stil used to stage cultural events and bullfights.

Friday, October 14, 2005

October morning early, at the window of an old hotel in old Arles, Provence

Rob cycling ahead of me through the streets of Arles, Provence

This looks like many villages which we cycled through in southern France.

To someone from western Canada, these old narrow streets are quaint and picturesque.

Through an archway, 2 star hotel behind it, in Arles , France

Robert Loading Up Bikes outside of Old Hotel in Arles, Provence

We carried two paniers and one small rack bag on each mountain bike in addition to two water jugs, for the one month vacation.

They were our own bikes which we brought over from Canada, on the plane, in bike boxes (cardboard).

During the trip our total kilometers were around 900 for the month. We didn't cycle every day (but most days.)

Théâtre Antique at Arles, France

Arles Roman theater dating from the end of the 1st century BC.

According to local legend, it has been used for many hundreds of years, as a source of construction materials.... so little of the original structure remains, except for these two imposing columns.

These days it hosts open air dance, film, and music festivals in summer.

The new white seats are for the comfort of contemporary guests.

Old Roman Columns at Theatre Antique, Arles

Old Stone Wall with Arched Openings and Théâtre Antique Remains

Woman Walking Toward a Building with a French Flag

Typical street scene in the village of Arles, in the deep south of Provence.

Looking into entranceway to colosseum Arles

Picture the animals (wild) being funneled into the amphitheatre through this entrance, and their intended victims, awaiting within.

Close-up of Colosseum, Arles

Family seated at sidewalk cafe near colosseum in Arles

Children in Line for a School Tour of Colosseum, Arles

Spiderman, Batman and friends on their way to see the Colosseum at Arles

Energetic Kids on a school Outing to Visit Roman Antiquities in Arles

View of Colosseum Arles

View of Colosseum, with my bike parked nearby

Man Walking With potted tree in Old Square. Arles, France

RF Building, with Clock , Flag, and nice Architectural details

Woman with patterned Skirt walking. Good old French Bike in Background.

Same Woman

Ornate Fountain Town Square Arles

More Women Chating and walking

Postes and telegraphes Bldg. at Arles Town Square

Views of pedestrians in Town Square , Arles

Woman with Long Hair walking Child in Stroller

Man with a Hat

Looking Past our Bikes to people Sketching on the building steps nearby us

Man Walking Slightly Bent Forward

Woman With Short Skirt and Green Earrings

Woman Wearing Red Dress and her Husband

Same woman, second view

Qu'est ce que c'est?

Third view, same woman

Woman Wearing Colourful Shawl, and Her Husband Wonders Why I am Photographing Them

I was trying to photograph people discretely in the town square in a way which people wouldn't notice what I was doing. He noticed.

Couple walking Town Square, Arles

Ici, c'est le repondu.

Les Gars avec Expressions

Another view

Child Pushing her own Stroller